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Get your projects rated by the community

Use coders expertise to endorse your CV.


As a developer, you can post you projects and experiences on Skillsme to allow community to view and rate. Skillsme growing community may question your portfolios and resume, and endorse your true capability.

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Create Your Profile

Add your profile picture and share a little about yourself. Upload your portfolio to see what the community thinks.

Rate Others Work

Explore the portfolios from other developers, and share your opinions through rating and reviewing.

Improve Your Skill

Improve your skill by working on projects in our Skillsme Catalog, which can be various case studies.

Job Seeking

Employers and recruiters at Skillsme are seeking valuable developers by highly rated portfolios.

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Frequently Asked Question

01. What if I don't have a portfolio?
No worries! You can find the topic you are interested in from our Skillsme Catalog and start building your first portfolio from today!
02. How much does it cost?
Good news! If you are a developer, you won't need to pay anything! If you are a recruiter, please check our Talent Solutions page for more details.
03. Would anyone copy my code?
All portfolios uploaded on Skillsme is open source and is available for the community to review. We recommend you not to post any portfolios with sensitive information or data. If you see any person copying and/or republishing your work, you can report them. We may permanently ban their account after our investigation found there has been plagiarism involved.
04. Can I ask questions to authors?
Of course you can! Ask any question you want if there's something unclear to you. But remember that you can only post one question for a post at a time, so try to ask comprehensively!
05. How to make sure the rating is fair?
All users on our platform are anonymous, and no one can invite others to review their works or search for a certain portfolio. Your portfolios' rating will only be judge by the quality of the portfolio. Meanwhile, our pushing algorithm will ensure every portfolio has a fair chance to be visible to other users within our community. Hint – Putting a bounty on your portfolio will ensure your portfolio have a higher chance to be visible.

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